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Although Aloe Vera is not a heavy feeder (too much fertilizer and their leaves tend to lose their strong upright habit), they do appreciate a good start in life when as young plants (pups) they are planted up, or as large plants are divided and repotted.

In both cases, good soil preparation is necessary to encourage strong root growth which will in turn enable the plant to get established quickly, to make the most of the growing season. And after that a thorough soak with Nature's Gift Concentrated Worm Fertilizer at the start of each growing season will kick-start the new season's growth until they need repotting again some years later. An annual feed is sufficient for established plants.

After selecting an appropriately sized pot or planter, choose well drained soil and prepare enough to over-fill the pot or planter. It will naturally compress when it is watered and will need topping up to the rim of the pot or planter. We recommend planting up with our Aloe Vera compost which is a blend of cocopeat for growth and Perlite with coco husk chips for good drainage.

Dilute four capfuls of Nature's Gift in one litre of water and spray it over the soil with a fine rose watering can. Turn the soil over with a spade or trowel to ensure it permeates right through the soil. Repeat if necessary. Squeeze the soil with your hands to remove excess water. (Retain it for use later).

Then put some squeezed soil into the base of the planter and place the plant on top so that it is sitting at the same level as it previously was in the original pot.Fill in around the plant with the rest of the soil and water well in with the water you saved. Top off with a mulch of E-Coco Coconut Husk Mulch.

Your Aloe Vera is now set up for several more full seasons of growth. Next spring dilute one capful of Nature's Gift to 500 ml of water and give each plant a thorough drenching.

Whilst all Nature's Gift bottles are essentially the same product, many of the dilution rates, application methods, frequencies of application and other factors, vary considerably. One application method or dilution rate will likely not suit another variety. Also, customers often ask us if the product is suitable for a particular variety of plant. We therefore produce a wide range of labels, each with its own specific set of instructions. If you buy several bottles for different applications, each will have its own instructions for use.

PRECAUTION: Microbes in this concentrate can be killed or affected by chlorine. For this reason clean rainwater needs to be used, or bottled water. Chlorinated water can be used if it has been left to stand in the open air for 48 hours for the chlorine to disperse.

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