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Ball, Royal Python (Python Regius) Snake Bedding

Large coco husk chips for big snakes.

This product is loose and ready to use.

Suitable For Tropical, Temperate, Humid or Dry Habitat.

Can be used dry or wet, heat-treated - does not contain any nematodes, mites or other bugs.

Naturally resists fungal infection.

Safe if ingested in small quantities.

Natural earth-like fragrance.

100% Biodegradable and free of fertilizers, pathogens and chemicals.

Can be composted or used as soil conditioner after use.

Coconuts crop yearly so product is environmentally friendly and renewable.

NOTE: Under no circumstances should you keep these animals on pine or cedar.

Pine, cedar and other phenol-containing woods have toxins which can cause significant health problems in a variety of herps and other animals and should not be used. Sand, gravel, and crushed walnut are also very poor choices for ball pythons.

Your ideal choice of substrate should be something readily available and one which lends itself to easy spot cleaning and other cage maintenance chores. You should check your enclosure daily for odours or more visible signs of waste and remove them - replacing the substrate when necessary.

We are always looking at ways to be more environmentally friendly, so for that reason we are no longer using full colour labels, as we used to in the past, and we use recycled packaging materials where possible. We also use our website for digital copies of instruction sheets and help & support videos.

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