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Worm Castings Extract Insect Repellent.

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If you are faced with a severe infestation of aphids on your roses or some other plant, usually the fastest way to kill them is to use a chemical pesticide which may also be harmful to other garden creatures.

Worm castings concentrate contains high levels of a natural chemical called chitinase. It works by destroying chitin. Aphids and blackfly have a tiny skeleton made of chitin. So when the concentrate hits the infestation, they are killed very quickly.

Although it’s strong it will not harm your plants in any way. One blast sends thousands of droplets of concentrate to drench the infestation, and it goes to work very quickly. A 120 ml bottle is enough for over 600 applications!

By next day the infestation is usually dead. As blackfly are sap sucking insects they may be still attached to your plants even though dead. Simply take a child’s paintbrush or a cotton bud and wipe them away.

This product could not be more appropriately named. It’s totally organic and is made for us by red worms. They pass a nutritiously rich ‘tea’ which is filtered 5 times to make this product.

Please do not confuse Nature’s Gift with raw leachate taken from do-it-yourself garden worm bins, which may contain harmful pathogens. Nature’s Gift concentrate worm casting extract has been processed to ensure that it is 100% safe to use.


Ensure the spray aperture is pointing direct at the infestation. From a distance of 10 cm give a burst of concentrate. As long as the infestation is drenched there is no need to re-apply. Do not apply when rain is due as this will reduce the effectiveness of the concentrate. Early morning or late evenings are good times to apply it.

After 24 hours check the infestation. It will likely be dead. Gently wipe it away from the plant with a child’s paint brush or cotton bud. Give one more brief spray to discourage the blackfly from revisiting. Full application instructions are shown on the label.

To give on-going protection against blackfly we suggest watering your plants with diluted Nature’s Gift worm castings concentrate fertilizer, available in non-spray bottles. This will build up chitinase in the sap of the plants which will help to discourage any further infestations.



1.Close the cap of the bottle tightly after use.

2. Keep the bottle in a cool place. Do not allow to freeze.

3. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

4. Not for human consumption. Wash your hands after use.

5.Shake the bottle well before use.

6. For best results, use within one year of purchase.

Whilst all Nature's Gift bottles are essentially the same product, many of the dilution rates, application methods, frequencies of application and other factors, vary considerably. One application method or dilution rate will likely not suit another application. Also, customers often ask us if the product is suitable against a particular pest or infection. We therefore produce a range of labels, each with its own specific set of instructions. If you buy several bottles for different applications, each will have its own instructions for use.

PRECAUTION: Microbes in this concentrate can be killed or affected by chlorine. For this reason clean rainwater needs to be used, or bottled water. Chlorinated water can be used if it has been left to stand in the open air for 48 hours for the chlorine to disperse.

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