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Four major university research projects have shown that the complete soil food biology found in worm castings will quickly control fungal problems on plants. The reason is the fungus eating protozoa and fungus eating beneficial nematodes found in worm castings. Sprayed on affected foliage, the protozoa and beneficial nematodes quickly get to work,ridding your plant of disease. Results may be apparent after only two weeks.

Also, if sprayed on the ground under and around the plants, soil borne fungus is quickly brought under control. Nitrogen is then released in the fungus control process, which in turn stimulates plant growth and recovery from disease. Infections, like black spot, fusarium,Verticillum wilt and other fungi will become a thing of the past - organically and safely.

But that is not the only benefit of this organic pesticide; it also feeds your plants. Even if they are in the peak of health, they will maintain their good condition and likely resist fungal infections in future seasons.

This product could not be more appropriately named. It's totally organic and is made for us by red worms. They consume waste and pass a nutritiously rich 'tea' which is then processed to create this product. It is, in short - Nature's Gift to gardeners.

Please do not confuse Nature's Gift with raw leachate taken from do-it-yourself garden worm bins, which may contain harmful pathogens. Nature's Gift concentrate worm casting extract has been processed to ensure that it is100% safe to use. Simply dilute to requirement.


Nature's Gift is concentrated and economical to use. The cap of the bottle is your measure. One cap represents about 20 ml of concentrate.

For Organic Pesticide Foliar Spray: Use one capful to 200 ml of tepid water.

Spray on all areas of the plant except for open flowers or fruits. Apply every week until the symptoms subside. However continual spraying on a weekly basis throughout the growing season (and monthly during the off season if there is foliage) will continue to feed your plant and build up its natural repellancy to fungal infections and insects. It is impossible to overfeed with this product. The plant will draw only the nutrients it needs.

Full dilution and instructions are shown on the label.


1.Close the cap of the bottle tightly after use.

2. Keep the bottle in a cool place. Do not allow to freeze.

3. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

4. Not for human consumption. Wash your hands after use.

5.Shake the bottle well before use.

6. For best results, use within one year of purchase.

Whilst all Nature's Gift bottles are essentially the same product, many of the dilution rates, application methods, frequencies of application and other factors, vary considerably. One application method or dilution rate will likely not suit another application. Also, customers often ask us if the product is suitable against a particular pest or infection. We therefore produce a range of labels, each with its own specific set of instructions. If you buy several bottles for different applications, each will have its own instructions for use.
PRECAUTION: Microbes in this concentrate can be killed or affected by chlorine. For this reason clean rainwater needs to be used, or bottled water. Chlorinated water can be used if it has been left to stand in the open air for 48 hours for the chlorine to disperse.

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