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E-COCO PRODUCTS UK This Product is a 'TEKU' ORCHID POT Pot dimensions: 16.6cm Diameter, 14.1cm Height and 2.1 Litres volume (Approximately). These clear plastic pots are ideal for epiphytic orchids such as Phalaenopsis (the most popular species) which benefit from light getting to their root systems. These pots promote healthy roots by allowing filtered light into the root ball, simulating natural growing conditions. This is evident when wet orchid roots have a green appearance - a sign of chlorophyll presence for photosynthesis. Transparent pots also help new orchid enthusiasts to see when to water. We are always looking at ways to be more environmentally friendly, so for that reason we are no longer using full colour labels, as we used to in the past, and we use recycled packaging materials where possible. We also use our website for digital copies of instruction sheets and help & support videos. Benefits of Teku pots Reduced cultivation time - Rapid growth and healthy plants due to ideal watering and drainage. Very low failure rates - High stacking feet prevent contact between the soil and residual water that may collect under the base of the pot. Optimal root growth - The high level of translucency ensures healthy and controlled root growth. Easy denesting from the stack - The distinctive U-Rim and high degree of lateral stability ensure easy denesting from the stack in the pot magazine. Better handling - Pronounced edge for better handling with automatic spacing systems. Easily stacked - The stacking does not require inside stacking ridges. The feet facilitate the stacking. In addition to this, the patented inwardly rounded feet prevent damage to the plant sleeves. Maximum stability - The high feet feature of the special bottom design makes this container well suited for the usage on mesh wire bench. Reduced weight - Unrivalled low materials usage thanks to continuous design optimisation. The E-Coco Team