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Coco Husk Fibre for Pot & Container Drainage Layer
(Approximately 3.5 - 4 litres per bag)
Good drainage in pots and containers is essential for healthy plants. Gardeners frequently use broken flower pots, stones or pieces of concrete to make a drainage layer at the bottom of the pot. This void however is a hostile environment to roots and a welcome home to a host of parasites and insects. It also makes containers heavy to move and materials used may in time leach chemicals that will harm the plants.
Coco husk fibre is long lasting due to its high silica content and it's resilient to changing climates. We offer it here as - an organic drainage layer for your pots and containers.
Loose coco husk fibre is light and spongy, so it retains air very well. It permits excess water to flow through, whilst retaining some moisture for plant roots that grow to the bottom of the pot. Unlike broken pots and stones, coco fibre will not permit growing media and the expensive fertilizer it contains, to merely leach away with the water.
Half fill the pot or container with fibre. The weight of the growing media on top of the fibre will press it down to function as the drainage layer. The fibres also contain some fragments of coco husk chip and cocopeat, so roots penetrating to the bottom of the pot will find a comfort zone rather than a hostile one.
We offer this material in pre-packed bags. Since these fibres are light and full of air, it is difficult to give an exact volume per bag. But placing them into a measuring jug without compaction, we feel that a volume of 3.5 to 4 litres per bag is realistic - enough for about 20 x 15cm pots.
We hope it improves your gardening experience.
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