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Independent research readily available on the internet states that all vegetables and fruit benefit from worm castings fertilizer and give excellent results in terms of yield, size and flavour. If you are preparing a new bed or feeding existing marrow or cucumber plants, this fertilizer is the perfect choice. This product could not be more appropriately named. It's totally organic and is made for us by red worms. They consume waste and pass a nutritiously rich 'tea' which is then processed to create this product. It is rich in the microbes plants need. It is, in short,one of the finest natural fertilizers available - Nature's Gift to gardeners.

Our liquefied worm castings concentrate is rich in plant nutrients and minerals which dramatically increase microbial life in the soil and subsequently stimulate plant growth more than any other natural product. It also helps to fight off root and plant diseases.

Young plants will not get burned if too much Nature's Gift is applied - unlike other animal manure and artificial fertilizers. Also it is instantly absorbed by the roots (or the leaves if applied as a foliar spray), and tangible results can often be observed within24 hours.

With Nature's Gift, yields will likely be higher and plants will be stronger. Fruit will likely be tastier. This is because of the natural relationship that develops between the microbes in the fertilizer and the microbes in the soil.

And at just one 20 ml capful to 500 ml of water, it's economical to use too.

This concentrate embodies 8 benefits:

1. Plants will be strong and fruit will be tasty.

2. All plants will develop strong root systems.

3. It is procured 100% from the finest red worms.

4. It is 100% chemical free and 100% pathogen free.

5. It stabilizes the pH of the soil and improves soil structure.

6. It rids the soil of harmful bacteria.

7. It acts as a natural insecticide and fungicide.

8. It's concentrated for economical dilution.

Please do not confuse Nature's Gift with raw leachate taken from do-it-yourself garden worm bins, which may contain harmful pathogens. Nature's Gift concentrate worm casting extract has been processed to ensure that it is100% safe to use. Simply dilute to requirement.

Nature's Gift can also be sprayed on to the foliage of plants. This will not only feed the plants but also act as an organic insecticide and fungicide. It deters aphids as well as rust, scale, redspider mite, whitefly, mealy bugs etc. on all plants to which it is applied.


Nature's Gift is concentrated and economical to use. The cap of the bottle is your measure. One cap represents about 20 ml of concentrate.

For New Marrow & Cucumber Bed Preparation: Spray neat concentrate over the proposed planting area until the soil looks wet. Dig over the top 30 cm of soil to mix well in. Apply again and repeat the process two more times. For economy you can dilute up to one capful to 200 ml of tepid water. Use rainwater if possible.

For Planting Young Marrow & Cucumber Plants: Take some soil and drench it in a blend of concentrate diluted one capful to 500 ml of water. Use rain water if possible. Squeeze out excess moisture and place a handful or two in the planting hole. Place the young plant in the hole. Fill in and water well.

For Regular Watering: Use one capful to 500 ml of tepid water.

For Foliar Pesticide and Fungicide Control: Spray foliage with one capful of concentrate to 400 ml tepid water.

For Sowing seeds in Cellular Trays or 9 cm Pots: Use one capful of concentrate to 1 litre of water. Slowly lower the tray or pots in the water to allow absorption from the bottom. This will help avoid damping off of young seedlings. Several seconds in the water should be enough. Start using this feed on your seedlings every two weeks after the seed leaves have perished.

Do not spray on flowers or fruit. Use rain water for every type of application if possible. Apply every two weeks during the growing season. Feed weekly as fruits start to grow to full size. Full dilution and application instructions are show non the label.

The above dilution suggestions can be adjusted according to personal experience.


1. Close the cap of the bottle tightly after use.

2. Keep the bottle in a cool place. Do not allow to freeze.

3. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

4. Not for human consumption. Wash your hands after use.

5. Shake the bottle well before use.

6. For best results, use within one year of purchase.

Whilst all Nature's Gift bottles are essentially the same product, many of the dilution rates, application methods, frequencies of application and other factors, vary considerably. One application method or dilution rate will likely not suit another variety. Also, customers often ask us if the product is suitable for a particular variety of plant. We therefore produce a wide range of labels, each with its own specific set of instructions. If you buy several bottles for different applications, each will have its own instructions for use.

PRECAUTION: Microbes in this concentrate can be killed or affected by chlorine. For this reason clean rainwater needs to be used, or bottled water. Chlorinated water can be used if it has been left to stand in the open air for 48 hours for the chlorine to disperse.

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