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'Elite' Orchid Growing Media Range


Including Coconut Husk Charcoal.

We are pleased to offer this product which has been specifically created for success in growing Phalaenopsis. Each label in the 'Elite' range of orchid growing media has been extensively researched to find the optimum blend based on coco husk chips. So this offer is not a general purpose orchid growing media, it has been specifically created for growing this variety. The 'Elite' range from E-Coco offers in excess of 40 different labels and blends.

The emphasis in the 'Elite' range is 'organic formulas created for the specific requirements of the variety.' The labels offered may include 5mm, 10mm or 20mm coco husk chips, or a blend of each, heat-treated fresh rice husks (widely accepted as an organic Perlite substitute), washed cocopeat (with natural rooting hormones), loose coco husk fibres, or a blend of each. One additional feature across the range of 'Elite' orchid growing media is coco husk shell charcoal.

Charcoal helps provide superior aeration and drainage which is important for successful orchid growing. Please note that our charcoal is a horticultural grade made from coconut husk shell, so no deforestation is involved.

E-Coco husk chips are sourced from inland plantations away from the ocean, but to ensure salt levels meet commercial grower standards we take the additional precaution of washing our husk chips with fresh water at the factory, before drying and packing. Many commercial orchid growers in Thailand use coco husk growing media from the same source and Thai orchids are renowned the world over for their high quality.

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