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A 100% PEAT FREE! Nutrient Rich Organic Potting Mix - for Home & Greenhouse.
This product contains no peat moss. It is not a general purpose growing media - it has been specifically formulated as an environmentally friendly mix for potting-on well rooted cuttings, and for transplanting mature plants.
The main ingredient is cocopeat - derived from the pith of coconuts. It contains natural rooting hormones which encourage newly potted plants to grow white roots, which later give the plant its strength for flowering or fruiting.
We add small coco husk chips to this blend. It makes a chunky mix, ideal for plants to grow well.
The coco husk chips act as reservoirs of air, moisture and nutrients to feed the roots as they grow. But it also acts as a drainage agent to permit excess water to flow freely away. You will use less water when growing plants in this media.
Cocopeat will absorb 8x its own weight in water. Whilst the surface may look dry, always probe well below the surface to determine if watering is really necessary.
Finally we add an organic slow-release fertilizer to feed your plants for 90-120 days.
This mix is suitable for well rooted cuttings and mature plants.
For seeds and new cuttings, please use our seed and cutting mix which has a finer texture.
The EC of our cocopeat is <0.5 mS/cm which is as required by our commercial grower customers. pH range is 5.8-6.5.

You can raise the pH to neutral by adding our ORGANIC pH+ product, available in our shop.
See also our organic pot drainage fibre to provide your pots with a functional drainage layer, far better than using stones, broken pots or polystyrene chunks.
Also we offer an Organic Perlite substitute made from silica rich heat-treated rice husks.
Our growing media is used by commercial growers around the world.

We are always looking at ways to be more
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