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Natural Snake Hide/Cave
Suitable for smaller snakes, Corn Snakes, Ball Python, Hognose Snakes etc.
A natural, bespoke shelter made from half a coconut shell.
Suitable for small snakes, to hide, shelter and sleep as it mimics their natural habitat.
Your pet will feel more at home, less stressed, and will reward you by displaying behaviour more akin to it's environment in the wild. An attractive addition to the habitat, this hide integrates well in any type of terrarium/vivarium.
This product can be half buried to provide a smaller opening, perfect for snakes which like to burrow, allowing them to feel safe and protected.
Sustainably sourced in Thailand.
Size and appearance will vary as this is an organic, un-manufactured product, which has the added bonus of every coconut shell being unique.
If you wish to purchase multiple hides but want to vary the sizes, please send a memo with your requirements upon ordering.

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